What if the device I want to sell is not on your website?

That means we are currently not accepting that certain device.

What if I have multiple devices to sell?

We are happy to buy all the devices you are willing to sell whether it’s only one device or 1000 devices. If you have 5-10 devices for sale, we will contact you for a more proper shipping method. If you have a bulk trade (more than 10 devices) click the bulk page here

How does TechTag work?

TechTag is not limited to only phones. We buy mostly Apple products like Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods, but not limited to other smartphones or other tablets like BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. All the items we buy can be found on techtagitnow.com

What does TechTag Buy?

TechTag is not limited to only phones. We buy mostly Apple products like Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods, but not limited to other smartphones or other tablets like BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. All the items we buy can be found on techtagitnow.com.

Who is TechTag?

The office of TechTag is located in Arlington, TX. Our goal is to reuse/recycle as many devices as possible. We help customers sell their new and used devices for as much money possible. The team at TechTag will always send you a competitive offer for your phones, tablets, and Ipods. We always try to beat all other offers from other trade-in programs.

Why am I not getting any emails?

Please check your email’s spam folder.

How does the shipping work?

We will send you a prepaid box with a shipping label inside. If you choose to send the device in your box, please print the prepaid label. Pack your item safely and take it to the post office.

How do I pack the item?

Here are some materials that work great on protecting the device: Use plenty of cushioning materials, like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air filled packing pillows. Importantly, make sure the device will not slide all over in the box. TechTag is not responsible for any devices that are damaged in the shipment due to improper packaging.

Do I need to send accessories?

No accessories are needed if you are selling an Iphone, Smartphone, or Ipod. If you include accessories, your quote will not rise. We only evaluate items based on the device, not accessories. We do ask for accessories on all tablets.

Who will pay for the shipping?

All the shipping costs are on us! Even if you decide to have the item sent back to you.

How long will shipping and returns take?

It depends on your drop off location. Most shipments take 1-5 business days. We currently use USPS for all of our shipments.

How do I track my item?

We will always keep you updated with the latest order status through email. You can also see the current status from your TechTag account.

What are the payment methods offered by TechTag?

You can choose between three different payment methods: Venmo, Paypal, Check or Cash (Only if picked up from Arlington Office).

How long does it take to receive the payment?

The payment will be issued to you right after the device passes the inspection within 8 business hours, or after re-evaluation is accepted. If you chose to be paid by check, it will take 1-5 business days for USPS delivery. If you chose Paypal it will be processed within 1 business day. We will keep you updated by email throughout the entire process! Reevaluated offers will only be valid for 5 calendar days from the time you receive the email indicating the updated offer.

What if my item did not pass the inspection?

If your device failed to match your description during the inspection, we will do a reevaluation. You will receive an email containing the reevaluation details and the updated quote. After that, it is your decision whether to accept the new offer or have the item be returned to you. Don’t worry, shipping is still free if you chose to have the item shipped back!

Why is the quote different from the one I checked last time?

Our quotes fluctuate as the market does. Once you submit an order, your quote will be guaranteed for 30 days. If you send the package more than 30 days after submitting the order, the quote might change and we may not be able to honor the original quote. We will requote your item and offer you the current price.

Why is my phone water-damaged while it’s still working fine? How do I find out whether my item is water-damaged?

Water destroys the electronic components in all devices. So, when an item is water damaged, the price for it will drop dramatically. Even if the phone/tablet is working fine now, it might show problems in the future. Most items have water sensors that turn red when introduced to water. We will examine the sensors to decide if water damage has occurred.

How do I protect my personal information in my used phone/tablet?

Most cell phones and tablets have a reset function in their operating systems. Whether it is already restored or not, we will reset it once more for your safety. We reset all devices that are sent in to TechTag.

How do I back up the data before selling my electronic devices?

It is your responsibility to create a back up of your data before you send us your device. Once we receive your device, an automatic wipe will happen, because it is part of the inspection process. Your data will not be recoverable after this process.

Do I need to remove the sim card?

While including your SIM card is not necessary and will not change the value of your device you may elect to send it. SIM cards received by TechTag are treated as personal data and are securely destroyed during the inspection process. Most sim cards our located under the battery. For Iphones and Ipads, it is either on the side of the device or the top.